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Csatlakozott: 2005. december 9. péntek, 7:00
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HozzászólásSzerző: Robert » 2012. július 1. vasárnap, 7:25
- $hwstack,$swstack and $framesize used with comment like $hwstack=40 '500 resulted in wrong values.
- rc5 background option only worked for 8 Mhz
- config COM , IRDA baud rate calculation fixed.
- version() with parameter 3 will return file name : Print Version(3)
- xmega autoprog will set lock bit last now.
- RS485 (config print) support added to printbin also changed
- rc5.lib added, sponsored by Lumicon, , see config rc5, mode=background
- improved usb read handling for quicker flash programming.
- eeprom programming xmega/PDI mode fixed.
- $stackdump added. See also stackdump.bas. Based on code from MWS.
- history.txt is shown once for each new version of the IDE
- ERR is set to 1 when there is not enough frame space. you use frame space when using locals and passing parameter byval. also a test like : if left(string,3)="value" will use temp space.
- added link to the bascom-avr.xml file location in the Help, About window.
- boot loader samples improved : bblocklocal incremented after a valid block.
- huge memory on Xmega bug fixed : rampX and r12 inside an ISR were not preserved.
- config xram for xmega, fixed bug for sram mode. also, baseadr changed, see help.
- $timeout help updated (it works for SW UART too), and INPUT with $timeout added to SW UART.
- spiinit, will set only miso to output when slave mode is selected.
- w5200 support added.
- W5100 tcp/ip support added.
- w5300 tcp/ip support added.
- xmega : saving watchdog cause in r0 was not implemented. also, the flags were not cleared at start up.
- an updated version of bascomp.exe was not included in the release.
- sample files are now located in users\USER\Documents\MCS Electronics\BASCOM-AVR\Samples
- split screen editor fixed.
- removed backspace from INPUT.
- added M8U2 and M16U2 support
- fixed RTC32 and added new sample from MAK3. See XM256A3BU-RTC32.bas
- STCHECK checking framesize (error 3) did not work. So you could get error 3 while there was no error.
- DTMFOUT did not saved r23 which could lead to erratic behavior for chips with TIMSK in high IO regs.
- documented LCDCMD and LCDDATA
- When adding files in Project Mode, you can select multiple files using CTRL/SHIFT.
- Adding a CONSTANT _CHECKVAL with a value <>0 will test for illegal chars in VAL()
Const _CHECKVAL =1 : Dim S as string * 10 : s = "1234a" : w = val(s) : print ERR
- config clock, gosub=sectic option was sensitive to position.
- user sub/functions calls are protected against interrupts. See $noframeprotect
- xmega config event_system : portA and portB were reversed. ADCB_CH0/ADCB_CH3 would result in a wrong setting too.
- config servos has a new mode to use servos with less system load. this mode works on xmega as well.
- using an overlay array with config base=0, would result in the wrong overlay address.
- full version can run updatewiz from the IDE
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Hozzászólások: 9953
Csatlakozott: 2005. december 9. péntek, 7:00
Tartózkodási hely: Budapest

HozzászólásSzerző: Robert » 2012. július 1. vasárnap, 7:26

Jelentős változás:
- TavIR/EthWIZ natív támogatása (Wiznet W5x00 chipek!)
- CAN natív támogatása

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