ARDUINO 1.6.5 / 1.6.5-r2

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ARDUINO 1.6.5 / 1.6.5-r2

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ARDUINO 1.6.5-r2 - 2015.06.17

* Windows: fixed a problem that prevented opening the IDE when double clicking a .ino file

ARDUINO 1.6.5 - 2015.06.15

* File, Sketch and Tools menu items are properly handled when switching between different windows
* Sketch > Export compiled Binary: saves the compiled binary (hex, bin) into the sketch folder. Thanks @championswimmer
* New editor, based on RSyntaxTextArea. Thanks @ricardojlrufino
* New keywords. Thanks @Chris--A
* Easier "additional boards manager url" field: a wide text area opens by clicking the added button (right side of the text field)
* Rewritten code of Preferences window: its content is now correctly drawn on every OS
* Fixed a bug that made the IDE notify users of invalid libraries too many times. Thanks @Chris--A
* Removed JNA. Less native stuff and less chances of incurring into an UnsatisfiedLinkError
* Many new and old issues closed. Thanks to many, and @Chris--A in particular
* Faster libraries list update
* Serial monitor stays opened during upload, disabled. Thanks @avishorp and @Wackerbarth
* CLI: --get-pref can now be called without a pref name. If pref name is missing, IDE dumps all preferences
* Holding SHIFT when hovering the save icon will trigger a "Save As"
* Removed proxy settings from File > Preferences: IDE will use system settings
* Linux versions bundle the latest JVM, 1.8.0_45
* Local docs: if your sketch has a "docs" folder, you can add local links to it. For example file://./docs/index.html
will use your browser to open file index.html from the "docs" folder of your sketch
* When using "external editor" mode, sketch code is updated when the IDE gets focused
* Added keyboard shortcuts to IDE menus: ALT+F for File, ALT+E for Edit and so on
* Added support for Dangerous Prototypes Bus Pirate as ISP
* Added "Close" button to Boards/Libs Managers, in order to help linux people with weird Window Managers
* Added File > Open Recent menu, showing the last 5 opened sketches
* Windows: added Arduino Zero drivers
* Tons of minor fixes

* LiquidCrystal fixes. Thanks @newbie15
* Added SPI Transactions to TFT lib
* Stepper: support for 5-phase/5-wires motors. Thanks @rdodesigns
* Stepper: increased precision in timing calculations. Thanks @ekozlenko
* Firmata and Temboo: dropped our vesions, tagged released are downloaded from their respective git repos

* AVR: delayMicroseconds(..) doesn't hang if called with 0. Thanks @cano64
* AVR: delayMicroseconds(..), added support for 1Mhz, 12Mhz and 24Mhz. Thanks @cano64
* AVR: added missing case in detachInterrupt(). Thanks @leres, @vicatcu
* SAM: added watchdog routine for Due. Thanks @bobc
* AVR+SAM: reworked pulseIn() function to become GCC agnostic
* AVR+SAM: added pulseInLong() (based on micros()) to help getting good results in interrupt-prone environments
* AVR: fixed regression in HardwareSerial.flush(). Thanks @chromhelm


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