Arduino - 1.6.9

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Arduino - 1.6.9

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ARDUINO 1.6.9 2016.05.10

* Catch and report errors during parsing contributed index files
* Fixed IDE version color on about dialog box. Thanks @ivanebernal
* The "always-on-top update notification" popup is now less intrusive.
* Fixed untraslated string during IDE startup splash window. Thanks @ivanebernal
* New arduino-builder: better core library detection, faster operations when recompiling and more.
See ... 9...1.3.15
* Fixed multitab error reporting
* Rework serial port discovery to be faster, less cpu intensive and FTDI friendly
* Avoid launching multiple concurrent compile and upload operation
* Use hi-res icons for Serial monitor and plotter
* Make http://librarymanager and http://boardmanager links clickable from the editor window
* Cut/Copy actions are disable when there is no text selected. Thanks @avargas-nearsoft
* Added more OSX native (emacs-like) keybindings. Thanks @nopdotcom
* Fixed Ctrl+Del: now deletes the word behind the cursor instead of the entire line. Thanks @avargas-nearsoft
* Fixed "Verify code after upload" option in preferences. Thanks @gh-megabit

* String class now supports iterators. Thanks @Chris--A
* sam: Allow 3rd party boards that depend on SAM core to use their own
USB vid/pid and manufacturer/product strings. Thanks @philmanofsky.
* avr: Check at runtime if 32u4 boards are shipped with new bootloader; if so
write bootloader magic value in an unproblematic RAM location
* avr, sam: Added "" to plaform.txt to allow compatibility
with older version of Arduino IDE. Thanks @per1234

* Bridge / added support for SSL sockets (Yun firmware >=1.6.2 is

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