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Arduino - 1.6.13

Elküldve: 2016. december 28. szerda, 17:53
Szerző: Robert
ARDUINO 1.6.13 - 2016.11.22

* Improved robustness of Serial Plotter while dealing with malformed or partial data. Thanks @xloem.
* Fixed regression on command line upload.
* Bugifx installing libraries from command line: the IDE tries to update the libraries index but it
didn't use it straight away (this caused issues mainly on CI environments)
* Libraries and Boards Managers: if a download error happens (CRC error) the IDE tries to download the file again
without the need to remove the corrupted file manually.
* Improved serial plotter with horizontal axis and grid. Thanks @duff2013
* Windows: Improved DPI detection
* Fixed a bunch of small bugs in the editor.

* avr: set default values for "upload.verify" and "program.verify" (allows compatibility with older IDE). Thanks @per1234