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Arduino - 1.8.0 (Arduino.cc) / Arduino - 1.8.0 (Arduino.org)

Elküldve: 2016. december 28. szerda, 17:57
Szerző: Robert
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Arduino.org és az Arduino.cc újra azonos ágat képvisel!

https://blog.arduino.cc/2016/12/23/new- ... no-boards/
https://blog.arduino.cc/2016/10/01/two- ... ome-one-2/

http://www.arduino.org/blog/one-ide-for ... ino-boards

ARDUINO 1.8.0 - 2016.12.20

* Linux: running in command line mode doesn't require an X11 display anymore
* "Save as" now clears the "modified" status
* builder: Paths with strange UTF8 chars are now correctly handled
* builder: .hpp and .hh file extensions are now considered valid sketch extension
* builder: core.a is not rebuild if not needed (improve build time in particular for big projects)
* Fixed swapped actions "Copy for Forum" and "Copy as HTML"
* Linux/osx: If an editor tab is a symbolic link it is no more replaced with a real file when saving (see #5478)
* Increased the upload timeout to 5 minutes (it was 2 min, but it may be not sufficient when uploading via UART a big sketch)

* Added Arduino.org boards
* Added Adafruit Circuit Playground board
* Added "-g" option to linker to keep debug information in the .elf file (see #5539)
* avrdude: Added fake configuration for EFUSE on atmega8 part. This solves a long standing issue with "Burn bootloader".
Thanks @rigelinorion, @awatterott