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Elküldve: 2011. január 21. péntek, 20:03
Szerző: Robert
- $include did not work for network/different drives.
- increased flash size for xmega with extended bootloader address
- config event_system added for Xmega
- new xmega samples from MAK3 added
- getrc5 supported by xmega
- changed config port0 to vport : config vport0=A, vport1=B,vport2=.., vport3=..
- config error=ignore,nr=ignore [,nr2=ignore] will ignore errors. this will allow you to compile your code despite a possible error.
depending on the error, the resulting code will (not) work.
- buffered serial output (com1-com4) supported for xmega.
- freeing a frame with more then 255 bytes resulted in a frame space leak. (for example when using a big string as a local in a sub/function)
- simulator improved for xmega
- xmega ERAM can be assigned directly with a constant too
- xmega SPI print improved : using a comma you can specify the number of bytes to send
print #1, ar(10), 10 ; 123 ; L,2
would print 10 bytes of the array ar(), then a byte with value 123, and then 2 bytes of the varialble L
values are separated by semi colon (;) and the comma (,) serves to specify the number of bytes to send. the number of bytes may be a constant or variable.
when no value is specified the data length is used. so for a long , 4 bytes would be sent.
- xmega SPI INPUT improved :
input #1, var ;1 , ar(1);3
would get 1 byte into variable var. and then 3 bytes into array ar(). Notice that INPUT uses the , as separator and INPUT the ;
Thus for specifying the number of bytes, the ; is used. This is reversed in PRINT and INPUT.
Normally the PRINT uses ; to separate and INPUT uses , to separate.
- Arabic translation for IDE completed. Also added BDI right to left support for Arabic. Thanks Walid !
- sample for xmega reset
- set,reset and toggle use special xmega registers for less code
- Russian translation for IDE completed. Thanks Alexander !
- array index calculation generates unneeded code for some cases. It adds a zero index which does harm but creates more code.
- defword and defbyte generated an error after an update of the parser.