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- $aeskey 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 will create an AES 128 bit encrypted file.
you can NOT simulate this file since it is encrypted. it is intended to be used with the AES bootloader from Reinhars.
this last minute addition is not documented in the help yet!
- sample included to calculate the median for a big data set. see ReMedian 1V0.bas, written by Per Svensson
- xm128A1-ReadFusesWriteLockBits.bas based on user reinhars code and various DMA samples form user MAK3
- insertchar, delchar and delcharS statements added, seel also del_insert_chars.bas
- version(2) will show $version info, see also new $version
- Lookup() with an index crossing a 64KB boundary would fail for chips with >64KB.
- search dialog history can be cleared. Also removed the autocomplete.
- DMA support added to Xmega,also DMA demo added, int added to dat files.
- ST7565R lcd driver added for graphical displays, also xmega sample added for this lib (display uses 3v3)
- using {034} and quotes gave a problem when they were unbalanced.
- stk500 did not load the address for each 64 K page.
- fixed bug in the new lcd4busy_anypin.lib, pin def was missing an underscore
- the flash2ram asm code checked page boundaries but this was also done by _lpmbyte. This resulted in a wrong rampz page when using READ on a page boundary.
- shiftin/shiftout accept a variable for nr of bits
- version() accepts user version string for example version("my data")
- chips with movw instruction will use movw if defined in the dat file
- config com2 stopbits=2 did not set the usb bit
- PORTB = Not DDRB (using not on a port with both the source and target a low port registers) would load the wrong register.
- assigning a string constant with a dot caused a wrong conversion of the string table.
- toggle word/long.bit toggled wrong bit
- When using $SIM, i2c clock stretch is ignored in the simulator.
- $file = "somefile.bin" will create different file output. if you main file is main.bas all output files will be The main.bas will be unaltered.
- config printbin=extended, fixed for xmega in xmega.lib
- wdvalue=wd timer values, added to the dat files. selecting a wrong value will give an error.
- enable interrupts will auto enable MED interrupts on the XMEGA.
This will only happen the first time you use enable interrupts. It will use these settings : CONFIG PRIORITY=static,vector=application,MED=enabled
- varsize("varname") will return the length of the variable in bytes. example:
dim s as string * 10 : const c1=varsize("s") : c1 will become 11 (strings have additional byte)
dim b(4) as byte : const c2=varsize("b") : c2 will become 4 because byte uses 1 byte, and array is 4
varsize is an interal function, intended to be used with CONST.
- left() bug fixed when source and target where arrays with variable index. this would trash the registers that holds the lenght

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Hozzászólások: 9938
Csatlakozott: 2005. december 9. péntek, 7:00
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