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Bascom Reg és DEMO

HozzászólásSzerző: Robert » 2011. augusztus 21. vasárnap, 12:20 DEMO és REGISTERED:
Compiler build:
Help: Version document build 38

- corrected help for shiftin, external clock mode. (edges were reversed for external clock)
- attiny20 added.
- compare CLEAR UP and compare CLEAR DOWN, were reversed. This mean they would select the reverse mode.
if you use timers in PWM mode with CLEAR UP/DOWN mode, you might need to check it (depending on your app)
- updated config spi help for xmega.
- F1 will now show Index tab with the help word selected.
- m328def.dat added (but you should use new m328P chip and dat, only added for users with old chips)
- Hardware Simulator did not used PIN registers with extended address correct. (for example PINK for m2560)
- xmega rampz problem fixed for right() function and for readeeprom/writeeeprom. these functions used a different way to load the Z pointer.
- string() function used with local variables trashed the registers.
- added waitms reference to config graphlcd.
- when using config submode=new, and not using any serial command in the main module, the uart was not initialized.
- inkey/ischarwaiting code added for xmega, serial buffered mode
- using {xxx} in string compare did not work.
- added Setreg regname, value
- added Getreg(regname)
Now you can set/get register values from basic
- 1wire for xmega bug fixed for 1write using a constant.
- 1wire sending 1 byte code reduced

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