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- If writing assembler, please use $ASM..$NO ASM or the !
While asm is cuurently supported without preceding !, it is not allowed in the future.
So this is good:
$end asm
! nop
But this is not good:

- When using CONFIG LCD, use X instead of * : config LCD = 16x2 instead of 16*2
Bother are valid, but the * will become invalid in the future.
- When using parameter options with spaces like PWM A, use underscores instead : PWM_A
Both are valid, but spaces are not allowed in the future.
- use CONFIG POWERMODE instead of the POWER statement. See Help.
- getRc_m128_PINF.lib added for getrc() on M128, portf.
- shiftout option parameter did not allow constants (numeric paramter had to be specified)
- added .align mnemonic to the internal assembler
- m48def.dat, WDVALUE must be : WDVALUE=16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192
- CONFIG TCx , PWM and WAVE modes will automatic set the port direction register for COMPAREx options.
But it also set the other port direction bits to output which was wrong.
- xmega LCD simulation added
- shiftout option parameter did not allow constants (numeric paramter had to be specified)
- xmega uart simulation corrected.
- Editor did not repaint properly in some cases when adding a new line.
- avrisp mkII programmer can write all xmega fusebytes individually.
- config print1|print2|print3 settings were not cleared at the begin of the compilation.
This would give the effect that when used once, the config would remain in effect till the IDE was restarted.
- $FILE would append to the error file instead of overwriting it.

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