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Csak regisztrált...
- fixed varptr() error
- updated dat files to reflect new atmel web location
- added $xteakey to encrypt the binary file with a 128 bit key. (see help)

- SSD1325 lib updated. fonts were not shown properly (there was a pixel between each line)
- AVR-DOS SDHC driver updated for Xmega and included.
- oled sample included
- modbus slave included
- right margin line can be adjusted.
- DCF77 support added for Xmega
- internal numeric conversion routine will report non-numerical trailing data that was previously ignored (spaces, etc.)
- added support for xmega big memory(8MB), this is still considered a BETA feature.
- added Find in Files option to the IDE.
- changed HWMUL=1 into HWMUL=0 for usb162,usb82,m32u2def
- STOP TIMER1 did not stop timer for tiny25/45/85
- attiny25 adc noise canceler.bas sample added from MAK3
- attiny13A.dat file powermode section corrected.
- .align worked with word address instead of byte address as intended.
- A = &H6000 Or &H8000 resulted in error 51.
- using select case with a string function would only work for the first case.
- RTC32 support added for Xmega
- atmega128RFA1 dat file added.
- attiny85 as SPI SLAVE using USI sample added from MAK3
- data line would not convert a const correct for single/double : const x=12.34 : data x! would fail
- the following code is no longer required for the xmega:
$lib "xmega.lib" : $external _xmegafix_clear : $external _xmegafix_rol_r1014
- CTRL+J will show templates.
- XTEAENCODE and XTEADECODE statements added to encrypt/decrypt using XTEA algo
- added hexval.lib from user MWS. This is an alternative lib for HEXVAL that removes spaces and sets ERR if illegal characters are found
- string() and space() when used with a string array with a variable index : var(varx)=space(x) will result in a memory overwrite, depending on the
index and address of the array.
- attiny261/461/861 have one shared interrupt flag for PCINT but 2 individual enable flags. Added to the dat files.
- added BANDGAP=ENABLED|DISABLED to CONFIG ACI. It will only work for chips that support this option(most new chips)
- for external programmer, {CHIP} can be used to specify the device/chip.
- m32M1 missed PCICR register in dat file. The prescale value for timer0 was not correct loaded for config timer0
- [FLAG] section updated. Some chips have combined flag/normal in extended IO space. For example USISR in the M169
These regs need special handling to reset a bit.
- waitus improved. normally an internal sub routine is called but for some xtal values and delays, this is not possible.
in such a case, NOPS are generated. But this can be as much as 14 nops. In such cases a small single byte loop delay is generated.
- INP/OUT support Xmega huge memory
- added Arduino V2 progammer (uses stk500v2 protocol) for M2560 R3
- CONFIG XPIN added for xmega pin setup.
- print bin() used with a long/dword would overflow the internal string buffer. the frame is used now.
- array with negative offset like : ar(constant - var) pointed to the wrong memory. var-constant was no problem.
- added project mode option with explorer. you might need to reset the docking to make it visible.
- ON interrupts accepts SAVE and SAVEALL too. SAVE is the default and used when no parameter is provided.
- 2074 requires an update of the bascomp.exe command line utility

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