Arduino - 1.6.12

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Arduino - 1.6.12

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ARDUINO 1.6.12 - 2016.09.21

* Refactor Editor code, solving some long standing bugs and cleaning up everything. Thanks @matthijskooijman
* Add initial Cloud API integration. When plugging a new board, if an additional core is needed, the user will be prompted to install it
* Improved examples menu organization. Thanks @PaulStoffregen
* Recompiled arduino-builder with Go 1.7.1 to avoid crash on OSX Sierra

* avr: Add support for internal 2.56V and 2.56V ext. cap analog references on the ATtiny25/45/85. Thanks @mischnic
* Added String::toDouble(). Thanks @Ivan-Perez
* Update to avrdude 6.3 with patch to ignore unused fuses (burn bootloader works also wih outdated cores) - a gazda :)
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