Arduino - 1.8.5 ( & [1.8.1....1.8.5]

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Arduino - 1.8.5 ( & [1.8.1....1.8.5]

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ARDUINO 1.8.5 2017.09.29

(bugfix service release)

* Added workaround for menu visibility bug in MacOSX 10.13 beta. Thanks @puybaret
* Fixed bug for negative-font-size.
* New/Rename tabs now allows names starting with a number.

ARDUINO 1.8.4 2017.08.23

* IDE Toolbar can now go full width on 4K display.
* Environment variable LIBRARY_INDEX_URL is now correctly parsed (LIBRARY_INDEX_URL_GZ can also be optinally specified). Thanks @xardael
* Added per-board generic option in config file boards.txt for disabling control of dtr+rts. Thanks @d-a-v
* CLI: fixed missing "runtime.platform.path" when running without the `--board` option
* Linux: fixed desktop icon not launching the IDE in certain Window Managers (thanks @herrold)
* Allow setting low values for console size (correctly applies console.lines=x in preferences.txt)
* Make Preference window fit 600px height displays
* Fix error when renaming an unsaved, newly added file. Thanks @matthijskooijman
* Added the ability to increase/decrease font size via keyboard + mouse shortcuts (Ctrl + MouseWheel)
* Sketch names starting with a digit are now allowed
* Serial monitor is opened on a default position if the multi-monitor setup change (this should fix cases
when the serial monitor is opened outside of the visibile space)

* Fixed wrong folder name for "Adafruit Circuit Playground" library, now it can be updated cleanly.
* Fixed wrong include for "RobotIRRemote", now it should not interfere anymore with the real IRRemote.

ARDUINO 1.8.3 2017.05.31

(bugfix service release)

* Fixed RESOURCE_NAME in script
* Serial Monitor: added "Clear output" button. Thanks @MichaelSy
* added options in preferences.txt for: custom title, comment/uncomment shortcut, always show file extensions. Thanks @MichaelSy
* added options in preferences.txt to enable/disable typing assistance (auto close brace, auto indent)
* Enabling "Use external editor" option now requires to save all sketches.

* AVR: added availableForWrite() method in generic Stream class. Thanks @eric-wieser
* AVR: moved flush() method up in the class hierarchy from Stream to Print class. Thanks @matthijskooijman

* Update Wifi101 Firmware Updater plugin

ARDUINO 1.8.2 2017.03.22

* Fix command line: works again with relative paths (regression)
* Fix command line: "--save-prefs" works again (regression)
* AVR toolchain has been updated with a tentative fix for the ld-returned-5-exit-status bug
* Update arduino-builder to 1.3.25
- avoid name clashing for libraries
- cache core archives to speedup compilation consistently
* Allow BoardManager to fetch FreeBSD tools (thanks @kevans91)
* Serial monitor: the input string box is automatically focused when window is selected
* Serial monitor: now can not be opened during upload
* Serial monitor: now properly decodes UTF8 characters (thanks @aknrdureegaesr)
* Serial monitor: added 500k, 1M and 2M baudrates (thanks @dsstutts)
* Updated RSyntaxTextArea to 2.6.1 (textarea component)
* Updated jmdsn (mDNS discovery)
* Allow plugins to attach a listener to compile progress (thanks @tomneutens)

* Add Atmel-ICE and JTAGICE3 programmers for AVR chips (thanks @matthijskooijman)
* AVR: Set unused bits of extended fuse to 1, should remove some avrdude warning during burn bootloader (thanks @descampsa)
* AVR: USB: send ZLP when needed (allows full 64 bytes packets)
* AVR: USB: use IAD descriptors instead than Generic (thanks @cuitoldfish)

* SAM platform source code has been moved to its own repository ( - all PRs and issues have been moved as well
* Update Wifi101 Firmware Updater plugin

ARDUINO 1.8.1 - 2017.01.09

* Fixed font rendering not anti-aliased on Windows (regression)
* Increased number of colors on serial plotter to 8, thanks @cousteaulecommandant

* Fixed regression in SD library. Thanks @greiman - a gazda :)
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