ARDUINO - 1.8.6

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ARDUINO - 1.8.6

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ARDUINO 1.8.6 2018.08.23

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* Updated arduino-builder to 1.4.0:
- parallel build (improve compile speed)
- better reuse of already compiled files
- Windows: fixed build for sketch stored under OneDrive cloud folders
* Added translations for library types. Thanks @ReAlUA
* Added scroller in programmers menu.
* Added "accelerator" in scrollable menu, press "a" key while scrolling
* Keep "Board Manager" menu item always as first in the menu
* "Manage Libraries" is now also in the "Tools" menu. Thanks @feikname
* Compiler errors now have both column and line
* Serial monitor how has "Show Timestamp" option. Thanks @MichalSy
* Improved DPI detection for hi-resolution montior on Linux
* Added copy/paste contextual menu in Find/Replace text fields
* Fixed long IDE startup time when some virtual/not-connected network interfaces are present
* Fixed inconsistent line-endings when saving files on Windows
* mdns: Make board disappear via TTL instead of reachability. Thanks @kurtgo
* Library Manager: display install/remove buttons with mouse on-hover instead of mouse click
* Board Manager: fixed some rare case with corrupted index download
* Windows: removed some debug output when running the IDE from command line
* Support selectable user-defined themes. User's theme are zip files inside the sketchbook "theme" folder
* Library Manager: library search now search also for headers (.h) declared by the library in
* Added "--version" to the CLI. Thanks @yohsuke
* Fixed Serial Plotter/Monitor permanently disabled if Plotter fails to open
* Fixed window title that sometimes is not updated on "Save as...". Thanks @JxJxJxMxNxS
* Fixed keybindings for Increase/Decrease font size
* Improved accessibility in the Preferences dialog. Thanks @coreyknapp

* AVR: Set Optiboot as default bootloader for Nano. This is the bootloader installed on new
Arduino Nano boards. If you have a Nano with the old bootloader you must select
Tools > Processor > ATmega328P (Old Bootloader) to upload.
* AVR core has been moved to its own repository:
* Updated toolchain to gcc 5.4.0

* SECURITY FIX: Released fix for WPA2 KRACK vulnerability (latest WINC1500 firmware 19.5.2). - a gazda :)
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