ARDUINO - 1.8.7

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ARDUINO - 1.8.7

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ARDUINO 1.8.7 2018.09.11

Megjegyzés: bugfix service release

* Fixed: IDE doesn't start if library_index.json is corruped.
* Fixed: IDE doesn't start if a library with invalid version is found.
* Fixed: Rare build errors in very complex sketches (like Marlin firmware).
* Fixed: Better dialog explaining that MacOSX 10.8 is now required. Thanks @PaulStoffregen
* Fixed: Slow "File" and "Tools" menus in MacOSX
* Fixed: Weird Board Manager behaviour if AVR core is downgraded to a version earlier than 1.6.22
* Improved first-use usability if the user don't select the serial port. Thanks @PaulStoffregen
* Custom "Tools" menu now keeps the order as defined in boards.txt.

* AVR: Fixed EEPROM warnings. Thanks @bxparks
* AVR: Treat "narrowing conversion" as warning, not error. This will make some libraries
to compile again. Thanks @PaulStoffregen - a gazda :)
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