Arduino - 1.8.10

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Arduino - 1.8.10

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ARDUINO 1.8.10 2019.09.13

* Live font resize now applies to console and serial monitor too @Pieter12345
* Make it easier to build the IDE from sources on Windows @Pieter12345
* Smaller Preference window, suitable for supersmall screens
* Cache downloaded json and only retrieve them when changed @mattiabertorello
* Suspend serial monitor if the board gets disconnected abruptly
* Libraries can now declare dependencies that will be proposed during lib installation
* SerialPlotter: allow adding labels @chromhelm
* Support tar.xz archives for Board Manager @vowstar
* SerialMonitor: add command history (via arrow keys) @Pieter12345
* Accessibility: add checkbox to enable accessibility in Preferences @joew46167
This mode enables a plethora of improvements on voiceover and keyboard navigation.
eg. links become accessible buttons, lists are scrollable via arrow keys without much pain

* Add latest NINA firmware

* Bundle new avr toolchain (fixes lto issue with 5.4.0 and 64bit compatibility with upcoming macOS Catalina)

* update to 1.4.7 (based on the new arduino-cli) - a gazda :)
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