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Elküldve: 2020. április 23. csütörtök, 15:49
Szerző: Robert

- stk500v2 based programmers like mkII and stk500v2 can give a program error when your code contains empty blocks And the processor has multiple 64KB segments. applies to normal mega only.
- inputbin accepts an optional variable for the number of bytes to receive. delimited by a ;
- crc8 overloaded version added for big strings.
- simulator update. see help.
- new option SAFE for variables. Dim b as bit SAFE , see help.
- added BOOTONLY option to $LOADER directive. $loader bootaddress[,BOOTONLY] this will write just the boot loader code to the BIN file. The HEX remains as is.
- you can select the settings file now. stored in the registry.
- project files are stored with absolute files names inside the prj file.
- simulator bug fixed where SI file simulation data was not processed properly.
- MemAlign and MemFill added
- simulator double click cycles, will reset cycles
- simulator allows to load a customer serial data file from file
- 2082 broke the default printing function
- using instr() with {xxx} for the search string does not work : pos=instr(someAString,"{065}")
- added DES asm instruction. Also added DesEncrypt and DesDecrypt which are also supported by the simulator
- using compare_a/compare_b=clear for timer0 results in SET instead of CLEAR. you can use COMPARE_A_PWM=CLEAR_UP instead.
- bascomp command line utility updated to support new file structure
- multiple instances bug. only 1 instance allowed.
- mcs.lbx was not in sync with mcs.lib. Use Tools, Lib Manager to compile mcs.lib
- when using channel specifier without # you will get an error