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Csak upgrade, önállóan nem letölthető! Még nem végleges kiadás! (RC1)

- big font collection, contributed by Adam Siwek.
- report can be opened in IDE as text file.
- mySmartUSB light programmer support added.
- W5500 socketconnect has a 4-th parameter : nowait. When you make it 1, there is no wait for connection.
- $ROMSTART added : $romstart = &H8000 , will let the code start at &H8000. Default is 0.
- jtag ice mkII programmer new firmware 7.26 from studio resulted in signoff problem. Workaround implemented.
- editor can show unused code in conditional compilation. Edit, Show Excluded Code menu option.
- usbasp programmer updated. chosen clock frequency will work.
- makemodbus() did not support locals/passed parameters properly.
- crc16 supports eeprom memory too. you need to add const CRC16_EEPROM=1 to your code.
- simulator fix for xmega low IO registers. registers were simulated with a 32 byte offset as in plain AVR.
- config lcd has 2 new options : BEFORE and AFTER. with param value of 1 a sub will be called _lcdBefore and _lcdAfter
just before the LCD is used. This allows for example to turn off interrupts when executing LCD code.
Only text LCD is supported.
- getadc() when used on normal AVR with offset parameter, and both parameters numeric will give an error when MUX5 bit must be set.
Use getadc() with just the channel parameter.
- multi dim arrays, added ERAM byte support, and used registers are saved now.
- saving programming buffer as HEX file created wrong HEX files which would not load in Studio.
This would occur for chips with multiple segments like xmega128
- Full Kamprog support added. Like changing fuse bytes from within bascom.
- multi dim arrays had no check on invalid index value (non dimmed)
- using a constant float without leading 0 resulted in an error : var= var + .12344
- INPUT did not support DWORD. As a work around, use a LONG overlay.
- added user definable command buttons to terminal emulator.
- support added for W5500 tcp/ip chip
- using {} in constants was not working as expected : Const Cmd_suffix_ver1 = Asc( "{013}") was not interpreted as 13 but 123 (the { sign)
- changed PDF download from HTTP to FTP. This is quicker and better for the server. PORT 211 is used for FTP.
- atxmega128c3 added.
- FT800, vertex2ii , the X is clipped. Change call in sub vertex2II into Cmd32 _vertex2ii(___wtmpb , R18 , R17 , R16)
- support for EADOGXL240-7 I2C added, see eadogxl240-7.bas. This is a customer sponsored lib.
- added support for SSD1306 I2C OLED, see SSD1306-I2C.BAS.
- i2c multi bus lib does not clear ERR bit correctly.
- when a multi dim array is only used within sub/functions and submode=new is used, you get an error since the
index table is not written. work around : access the array in the main code. for example with a dummy read.
- multi dim arrays can only be used to read/assign variables. Using them in functions and statements will not work.
- str() can have an optional parameter to specify the amount of digits. This works for double, but now also for singles.
- MOD for singles changed in fp_trig.lib so it uses the same algorithm as excel/VBA.
- FOR..NEXT with words and STEP with values other than 1 will not work properly : for w=1 to 10 step 2
As a work around use an integer or overlayed integer.The reason is that in 2078 the add code is optimized. Instead of add/adc and loading registers with immediate values it will use subi/sbci but this will set different flags.
- when opening a single file in non-project mode, the code explorer does not get updated until you set the cursor on the code.
This also leaves the pinout viewer empty. workaround : open another file or set the cursor/focus to the edit window.
- R0-R31 internal variables are now exposed as byte variables. This is simple than using getreg/setreg.
- added option to skip eeprom cell test. This allows to write all FF to the EEPROM whithout erasing the chip.
- terminal emulator font color could not be selected from the font dialog.
- added chip name to info panel when chip does not match. no match will give a red font, a match will show font in green.
- added an error message when $hwstack,$swstack and $framesize are missing from the source.
- hovering the indention line will show the begin of the structure in the tool tip (just try it).
- stacktrace speed up. big projects made the stacktrace slow.
- improved speed for showing deadcode/unused variables
- rotate left|right did not work for xmega port registers.
- shift left/right did not work for xmega port registers
- FT801 support added. New FT801 samples. INC files renamed into FT80x.
- Rainbow/WS2812 support added. See CONFIG RAINBOW. This is the rainbow lib from Galahat, see :

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